10 Oct 2013

    “Quote From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”:

    A legacy system is an old method, technology, computer system, or application program.

    The term "legacy" may have little to do with the size or age of the system — mainframes run 64-bit Linux and Java alongside 1960s vintage code.

    So what is the similarity ?

    No one without any formal training can operate one of this computer

    Recently we encounter a similar situation with an irrigation controller , for one thing it was placed at a location not directly at eye level, and the display was just too small for forty plus people to read , without a magnifying glass.

    So what was the problem?

    After checking all wiring and power that was in good working order we spent over half an hour of intelligently pressing all conceivable combinations , it still cannot work. (Would like to qualify we are trained personel for irrigation systems and parts.)

    In fact after reading the manual thru assessing the supplier’s web site , via smart phone internet , we still do not really understand. And there are steps that need both buttons to be pressed at the same time.

    Questions :

    Would a simpler controller be used and still achieve the same result that is a healthy garden and green walls? Definitely yes.