Controllers and irrigation accessories We provide value-for-money products so that every project and tender is a successful one for you and your customers.

Brands: RainBird, Toro, Weathermatics, Hunter, Orbit, KRain, DigCorp, Irritrol , Novo, Galcon, Karcher , Claber .

Besides sourcing for big names in the market, we also carry the most comprehensive range of parts and components, especially in: Irrigation parts: AC, DC , solar powered controllers, control valves, drip lines & fittings, PE hoses & fittings, emitters, , sprays, sprinklers, foggers, misters, filters from 3/4 - 2 inch. Rainwater harvest: related accessories: tanks, pumps, filters, sensors, water float valves. Aquaculture & aquaponics: turn-key solutions.