New is a decontamination system - a triple spray system on the rear of the Multihog that has a low spray bar for cleaning streets, sidewalks, etc. On the back of the liquid tank there is a vertical spray bar for general disinfectant spraying and finally a hand lance and hose reel offer the possibility to clean hard-to-reach areas such as handrails, external stairs, garbage cans and bus shelters.

The Meclean "CityCleaner" is also ideal for maintaining hygiene in public areas. It can be used with or without chemicals to safely clean outdoor areas. It uses 100% hot water / steam, but can also be equipped with a detergent injector to ensure that bacteria and viruses are eliminated.

With a smaller budget, the CityCleaner is not just for disinfection. It is also great for environmentally friendly weed control, chewing gum, billboard and graffiti removal, and sewer cleaning.

Another attachment that can act to disinfectant spray during this crisis is the de-icing spray system (typically used in winter) that can be used with disinfectant solution to disinfect roads, walkways, bike paths, green paths, etc., the system has a range of 10 m. Another excellent general disinfection system is the popular high pressure cleaning system. With a front spray bar and a hand lance to the rear, it can clean both streets and sidewalks as well as areas that are difficult to reach such as garbage cans, bus shelters, pedestrian lights, handrails, external stairs, etc.

Ultimately, even Multihog's latest addition to the vehicle range, the CV multi-purpose sweeper, can help with sanitary tasks. The sweeper has a rear hand lance, which can be equipped with a detergent injector, for the manual disinfection of areas with high contact points - including shopping trolleys, parking ticket machines and other contact points.


The Multihog watering arm is perfect for municipalities and contractors carrying out plant-watering and irrigation during the summer months. Working area per side from 3.8 metres – 5.2 metres (12.4 – 17 ft), depending on model chosen. Working height from 4.1 metres – 5.1 metres (13 – 16.5 ft), depending on model chosen.