Over the years BACCARA has had the opportunity to form strong cooperation and partnerships with some of the world's leading irrigation companies such as: Netafim, NaanDanJain, Dorot, Irritec, Rivolis amd Motorola. BACCARA solutions can be found in a myriad of irrigation types of applications including: VRI pivot systems, long distance wired operators (for irrigating remote areas), and commercial irrigation solutions. Our products offer a wide range of solenoids, high pressure solutions, water flow solutions from large to small (1/8" - 3") as well as innovative control solutions.
Because of our vast knowledge and expertise, we have formed alliances with many of the world's leading fertilization companies like Gavish, Netafim, Galcon, Irritec and NaanDanJain. Due to our vast experience in the field of construction materials that enable us to give the right solution to the complete selection of aggressive media found in the field of fertilization. Here are some solenoid based solutions for fertilization: Separated 1/8"-3/4" valves, pinch valves and revolutionary proportional separated valves. Digital logging solutions for fertilization flow control and  design & construction of fertilization machinery frame structures and flushing hydrants.
Baccara has many years of experience in the command and control of filtration and semi-automatic filtration systems.Baccara has formed a strong cooperation and partnerships with some the world's leading filtration companies, such as Amiad, Odis, Yamit, Azod, Filit, Eitok, Irritec etc. Just some of our vast array of solenoid filtration solutions  are: Command and control of  1-3 position filters, differential control sensing of filtration systems and flushing hydrants.
For over 50 years Baccara has been specialising in the manufacture and production of products for Automation and Control systems in advanced irrigation systems and research-development in irrigation controllers and solenoid valves. By cooperating along side leading international companies such as; Motorola, Galcon, HR, Regabar, and Talgil,  Baccara can offer unique solutions for remote control, solenoid valve applications and provides solutions for customer's special demands.
Technology is a necessity for gardening and farming thanks to climate, resources and limitations in space. To grow year round, gardeners and farmers must rely on technology to sew, grow, irrigate and harvest fruits and vegetables. Gardening and technology don't have to exist at odds with each other. We can provide automated irrigation solutions in the gardening world, bringing to it smart garden technology which encompasses advanced computerized irrigation systems, environmental control, cycle irrigation for temperature control, irrigation by volume of water, electric remote control and Smartphone operated controller.
The traditional petrol and natural gas industies are growing rapidly and with this, the demand for high pressure valves is increasing. Baccara’s high pressure solenoid valve is specially designed to meet the requirements of heavy duty CNG systems: high pressure, high flow, quick response time and long life.Its benefits being: Cost reduction, longer MTBF, cleaner emissions, short filling time and quick response time.
Baccara has extensive experience in manufacturing, developing and providing solutions for solenoid valves and related equipment with low energy consumption.Providing:
  • Latch - a series of latch coils operators that work in all areas of the respective pressures and different operating all types.
  • Solar panels
  • Solar Charge Controllers
  • Low wattage valves: Intrinsically safe and non-incentive field wiring.
  • Harsh environment and magnetic latching valves.
  • Electronically enhanced valves.
Israel is recognized as one of the world's most advanced digital printing R & D centers.BACCARA has been a leader in the digital printing arena from the start.We have a dedicated product and system development team with extensive experience in the field of digital printing.We are recognized as a strategic partner to over 20 subcontractors and our specialists support customers, providing close R & D cooperation, customizing unique, tailored solutions for both new and upgraded machines. 
Baccara has many years of experience in providing solutions for heavy industries in harsh and aggressive environments with & extreme temperatures, etc. A range of products  that meet these requirements are implemented in companies such as:
  • Dead Sea Works
  • Mines in Australia, Chile, Peru and South Africa.
  • Abrasive agriculture - Dairy milking parlours and poultry farms.
  • Explosion proof coils used within explosive atmospheres such as mines, tunnels and drilling rigs.
Baccara offers a wide range of innovative products for medical applications, creating pneumatic solutions for control systems throughout the medical industry.
  • Autoclaves - Tuttnauer
  • Proportional solenoids for respirators: HB Brasil, Versamed GE
  • Clinic solutions for the Surgical, Ophthalmology & Aesthetic markets: Lumenis, Syneron
  • Dental Chairs: Namrol, Bogen & Shenpaz
  • Hospital equipment and air supply systems.
  • Separated solenoid valves and pinch valves for worki