LWR-P30-80D 1” Plastic Filters with Disc Elements



• The disc filter consists of body,

cover and grooved discs cylinders,

stacked on a plastic spine, forming a

cylindrical filter element. The disks

are compressed together inside the

filter housing by a spring located

at the bottom of the filter cover to

provide three dimensional filtration

• Sediments accumulate on the outer

face of the stacked discs, allowing

clean water to flow through the

stacked discs and out the middle of

the filter

• The disc elements provide in-depth

filtration to retain organic matter

• During operation the disc elements

are tightly pressed together by

pressure and the spring providing high

filtration efficiency

• Discs have excellent resistance to

most common chemicals

• Easy maintenance – the discs can be

extracted for cleaning

• Interchangeable color coded discs

and stainless steel screen elements

provide a wide range of filtration

degrees and options

• Constructed of UV-resistant, durable

plastic material to withstand the most

adverse conditions

Filter and Disc Materials

• Housing and discs: polypropylene

• O-ring: EPDM

• Pressure testing ports: polypropylene

• Pressure testing seals: natural

rubber BR

• Disc cylinder assembly:

polypropylene / PBT

• Spring: stainless steel 304


• Operating pressure:

up to 120 PSI (8.4 BAR)

• Flow rates: 3/4” & 1”: up to 18

GPM (4 m3/h)

• Temperature range: up to 130°F


• Inlet and outlet size: 3/4” and


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