Claber 90829 – Hydro-4 -Sealed Well with Watering Timer & Rain Sensor RF(90831) Add Video

A practical, ready-to-use solution to manage irrigating the most common gardens (up to about 700 sq.m.). Hydro-4 is a valve box with IP68 rating, containing a battery water timer and 4 solenoid valves. Thanks to its compact dimensions, Hydro-4 is easily buried and can be used even above ground. COMPACT AND READY TO USE IP68 PROTECTION: THE MAXIMUM AGAINST WATER, MOISTURE AND DUST INDEPENDENT FROM ELECTRICITY NETWORK CONNECTABLE TO RADIO-OPERATED RAIN SENSOR GO TO SPECIFICATIONS DESCRIPTION Preassembled valve box incorporating 4 solenoid and a timer. Power provided by two 1.5 V AAA batteries, enough to last an entire season. On/off control for up to 4 independent underground or drip irrigation lines. Easy programming procedure, using just 3 buttons and a large size display. Watering time 1 to 60 minutes. 2 programs for each outlet, up to 8 watering cycles per day. Weekly setting, allowing exclusion of single days. Manual test of 5 minutes duration, variable in the same way as for watering times. A perfectly sealed IP 68 unit. Protective cover and buttons in bi-material rubber. Facility of viewing and deleting programs entered for each line. 3/4� M (20-27 mm) connections on both inlet and outlet sides. Wireless connection to radio frequency Rain Sensor. 5 threaded caps provided for unused outlets. 4 solenoids valves. Watering line flow rates: 25 l/min at 2,5 bar. Operating pressure: min 1 - max 6 bar. Operating temperature: 3 - 60 °C. Dimensions: diameter 200 - height 153 mm.

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