Aquauno Video-2 Plus Timer - EN Add Video

To manage up to 6 irrigations a day with precision and reliability, programming times and frequencies with only three keys and displaying all the functions on a large, legible display. CUSTOMISED PROGRAMMING MANUAL MODE WEEKLY PROGRAMMING CAN BE CONNECTED TO RAIN SENSOR GO TO SPECIFICATIONS DESCRIPTION Using this automatic one-line water timer you can set 6 watering cycles a day. Featuring just three buttons for easy programming, the large display clearly communicates to the user all the information required by means of easy-to understand symbols and numbers. 6 Water cycle times vary from 1 min to 23 hours and 59 min. Weekly watering cycles may also be programmed with the exception of the days you wish to omit. It is also possible to display thecycles programmed and delete those cycles no longer required. The unit is fitted with a washable stainless steel filter. 3/4� (20-27 mm) tap connector. One 9 V alkaline battery can power the unit for an entire season (complete with digital battery status indicator) the electronic components are perfectly sealed. With an operating pressure range of 0,5 to 10 bar, Aquauno Video-6 is 100% quality controlled and tested. Designed for direct connection to the Rain Sensor (90915).

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