PowerFeed For Tomatoes and Vegetables Add Video

PowerFeed for Tomatoes & Vegetables is a dynamic liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner in one that is tailor-made for all tomato and vegetable plants. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: Builds on our proven PowerFeed formula of fish, highly soluble nutrients and liquid composts but with more of everything your tomatoes and vegetables need to thrive. More Fish, More Humic and Trace elements. Promotes vigorous growth and larger yields of bigger tastier tomatoes and vegetables. Contains active liquid composts which improve soil structure. Helps to break down clay and reduce nutrient losses in sandy soils. Stimulates the growth of beneficial microbes which break down organic matter and release soil nutrients. Typical Analysis: W/V: Nitrogen(N) 14.0%. Phosphorus(P) 1.4%. Potassium(K) 8.0%

Posted by Joseph on September 23, 2020 at 11:49 PM 1204 Views

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